Google Released Android P developer preview 2 for developers & public.Google added non google devices like Nokia,VIVO,OPPO,Oneplus,MI,Sony & Essential to there official beta program.There is no HTC,Samsung,LG,Huawei,ZTE phones in this list because there heavy skin customization.

Supported Devices

  • Sony Xperia XZ2
  • Essential Phone
  • Nokia 7 Plus
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S
  • Oppo R15 Pro
  • Vivo X21
  • OnePlus 6

Lets talk about features Android P Have lots of new features & UI Changes

1 Do Not Disturb


New Android P clears your notification shade of content that isn’t related to basic phone functionality. So, all your Gmail notifications or SMS pings won’t show up in Android P if you have DND activated. The notification shade has a line of text that tells you notifications are being hidden, but you can’t see the source or number. They’re not displayed in the status bar, either. Some notifications that do appear regardless of DND include missed calls, voicemails, and system alerts.

2 Smart text selection

This feature was announced at I/O last year, and it allows you to get direct links to other apps and services when you highlight pertinent text. For example, the name of a band might give you a link to the artist page on Spotify — The Killers was used by Dave Burke on stage yesterday — or a phone number might take you straight to the Phone app to make a call. Smart text selection is now available in each app window of Recents, too.

3 Image selection

It turns out that images inside apps can also be selected and shared. If you open up Google Photos and swipe up to open Recents, you can then long press an image in the Photos window to trigger a share button.

4 Copying text from images

You can able to copy text from images through the recents UI.

5 New API For Fingerprint,Face & IRIS

Android P Developer Preview, Google added a new API for biometric authentication. Dubbed BiometricPrompt, uninspiring as that may seem, this new API replaces the FingerprintDialog that we got in the last DP. Instead of being limited to one method of confirming a user, BiometricPrompt has support for face, iris, and even in-display fingerprint sensors.

6 Weather On Lock Screen

Android P is bringing a subset of that functionality. If you liked using weather widgets on your lock screen, you’ll be happy to know that Android P now displays the weather underneath the clock.

7 New Battery Estimates

Android P Battery Estimates tells you when your phone goes off.

8 Android P’s screenshot editor gets better, notification brings back Delete button

Android P’s Developer Preview 1 introduced one feature that we’d all wanted for a long time: screenshot editing. It started when you took a screenshot by offering an Editbutton, then by picking the new Markup app, it let you edit the image easily: crop it, annotate it, highlight parts of it, then save it to share. With P DP2, the functionality is improving on all fronts.

9 Android P DP2 shows alarms and muted/vibrate ringer status on top of the Quick Settings

10 Motifications for apps running in the background show if they’re using the camera or microphone

Android has been combating mischievous apps that run in the background for several years. It started with showing you a notification each time an app did something in the background, and with the first P developer preview, a tighter control was put in place for idle apps (different from background apps) to stop them from using the microphone or camera.


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